Kremona NG-1 Nylon string pickup


Encased in lightweight tone wood, the VV-2 sensor installs easily in the eye of the violin or viola bridge with minimal modification. The input jack housing is lined with soft, protective cork, as are the feet of the adjustable clamp legs. Detachable and prtable, the Kremona VV-2 conveniently accepts a 1/4″ cable jack. An onboard potentiometer allows the performer to adjust output volume from the stage.

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Natural, detachable passive piezo pickup solution for nylon-string guitar. Encased in lightweight tone wood, the Kremona NG-1 ensures the natural sound of your guitar without modification. NG-1 installs safely and securely on the tie bar utilizing the tension of the strings. NG-1 comes complete with a detachable, easily replaceable cable. When not in use, NG-1 may be left in place with no detriment to the instrument’s acoustic sound.