Group Guitar Lessons

Learning guitar is fun in a group!

Learning to play guitar with a few of your friends in a group is a fun way to begin guitar training.  The music is more interesting and not as difficult as solo guitar music.  The class will teach common accompaniment techniques, note reading, ensemble playing, and basic guitar theory. Within the first year, students will have enough skills to play as a group accompanying standard tunes and ensemble pieces. The end goal of the class is for students to have fun and discover a skill they may not know they have?

Once you register for class guitar you will be put on a waiting list until at least one to three others have also registered. A quicker and funner way to get started is to encourage at least one other friend  to register for guitar class as well. The more that come to the class with you, the cheaper it is for everyone! Either way, the class time will be scheduled at a time that works with everyone’s schedule.

To study classical guitar each student must have a nylon string guitar, a footstool, and the guitar method Classical Guitar for Young People written by Matthew Hinsley. Rental guitar packages may be available to students who want to try out the class for a semester before purchasing an instrument at a reasonable rate.