Concerts, Performance meetings, and Ensembles.


CGStudio parters with Kalamazoo College, The Guitar Foundation of America and Kalamazoo Classical Guitar to bring top notch performers to the Kalamazoo area. Concerts provided by other organizations may be listed as well. To list your concert, get in touch!


Students who have advanced in their performance skills may choose to perform in an ensemble. CGStudio organizes the Guitar Parlor Ensemble and the Elementary Guitar Ensemble.

Performance Meetings

Every two to three months, CGStudio and Kalamazoo Classical Guitar organizes an opportunity for local classical guitarists to exercise their performance skills.  All levels of students are invited to perform. Please contact us for further inforamtion about performing. 

Guitar Festivals

See the top performers in the field. Participate in large ensembles, masterclasses, and workshops. Guitar festivals are a great way to meet the people who are at the top in the field and to see some great concerts. 

About Matt Cosgrove

Matt Cosgrove has been playing the guitar since the summer of 1990. Matt’s guitar playing has been nationally televised on the Rejoice Broadcast Network serving in both solo and accompaniment roles. Matt placed first in the annual commencement contest at Pensacola Christian College (PCC) and performed for nearly 5,000 people watching live and by close circuit television in adjacent auditoriums. Recently, Matt has performed Twilight composed by Toru Takemitsu with the Kalamazoo Symphony in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Matt received a Bachelors of Arts in guitar performance from PCC. He also received a Master of Music in Guitar performance from the Florida State University. Matt’s major teachers have included Bruce Holzman, Joe Stallings, Steven Walter, and George Yeatman. While at PCC, he studied chamber music with Daisy and Alberto Jaffe. He has also performed in the Master Classes of Juan Mercadel, Ricardo Cobo, David Tanenbaum, Stephen Robinson, Jorge Caballero, Douglas James, Lorenzo Micheli, Adam Holzman, Oscar Ghiglia, and Jeremy Jouve.

Matt has taught at the college level since January 2000. He taught guitar, bowed string instruments, music theory, and advanced cello full-time at Pensacola Christian College until 2006. He has also taught at Pensacola Junior College, Grand Rapids Community College, and Cornerstone University. Matt moved to the Kalamazoo area in July of 2011 and is teaching at Kalamazoo College.